Introducing the World’s First Dueling Spray Art Booth!

Art Stars has recognized over the years how the performance and talent of creating original spay art is a medium that is underserved in the world of art today. The artists who create this medium are first naturally gifted artists who are trained for years at the highest level to deliver the quality of paintings we showcase at our booths.

Spray paint art (known as Aerosolgrafia) offers an entertaining experience as passerby’s are awe struck to witness this medium live, while pleasantly surprised how affordable our original pieces are to take home. Our art also serves as a reminder of their visit and their experience will live on forever with that painting hung at their home.

Our chalet is currently located at the Park in NYNY, Las Vegas. It is 12’ X 8.’ We are always seeking new high traffic locations to expand our footprint. We can fit in a space as little as 30 sq. ft. We can even create a different style of booth to conform to the surroundings it will be placed in and finished in any color or look.

To discuss a possible location, you may reach us at

Come see us in the Park at NYNY, Las Vegas (next to Shake Shack)