Meet the Stars

Artist “Tony Vegas”

Born in Mexico, Tony Vegas entered the world of art at an early age, with the use of pencils and paper like any artist. His interest in art grew wider and became the beginning of test and trials in oils, inks, watercolors, and pastels. He later pursued his passion for art by entering art school, where he explored new medias. His main interest at the time was airbrushing portraits, which took him time to reach at a high level like a portraitist. A few years later with the knowledge he had gained, Tony opened his own sign and screening shop and his interest to learn more art forms introduced him to the art of tattooing. Throughout his career as a tattoo artist he kept studying and searching for more concepts that would complement his knowledge of art.

In 1986 he first saw Ruben “Sadot” Hernandez spray painting on the streets of Mexico City. During that period many of the spray paintings were fantasy, sci-fi and cosmic art which were inspired by collection cards and magazine cutouts from artist like Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta. In the beginning Tony was not very interested, but after watching Sadot spray painting several times and talking to various street artists, he found out that Sadot was the creator of this new art form known as Aerosolgrafia. At that moment the idea of spray paint became Tony’s new interest.

Sadot trained a small group of no more than five followers, who formed the first generation of spray paint artist. Tony had the opportunity to be trained by one of those artist, Rafael Martinez. With the help of Rafael and the inspiring paintings created by Bob Ross from the T.V. show, The Joy of Painting, Tony created his first spray paintings. He began combining his knowledge of art into spray paint using a combination of different techniques and skills that give him the ability to translate his emotions into images. Tony Vegas has carried on and enriched his technique, evolving it into what you see today in his beautiful masterpieces which are now spread worldwide and will last a lifetime with special significance behind each piece as an artist who paints from his heart. “Spray painting is a spiritual and magical street art form that transmits the audience and the artist the freedom to dream and escape to other worlds.”

Tony is now teaching his talents to all the artists with Art Stars and his legend will be carried by those who master his techniques.

Artist “Neto”

Neto was a born artist who grew up in Mexico City. His roots take him back to age 6 where he started with drawing then painting and graduating to airbrushing. Shortly afterwards he started drawing for birthday party’s then creating banners which led to be hired to painting murals on restaurant walls in Mexico City. This is when Neto discovered the love of spray paint art. He would watch as much video as he could find in the medium discovering some of the greats such as “Sadot,” Rafael Martinez and our very own, Tony Vegas.

It was Tony Vegas’s style that truly inspired artist Neto to pursue spray paint art as a way to make a living in America once his family moved to the USA in his later teens. Neto developed his own style in 2012 by using techniques he learned from watching the video’s by only using a chisel, napkin and piece of paper as his tools to create an inspirational work of art. Neto then set his sights to pursue his dream by painting in San Francisco, Hollywood and Venice Beach all the while fantasizing that one day he would meet his childhood idol, Tony Vegas.

As fate would have it, Art Stars owner, Rick Munro had met with Neto’s cousin Lalo in Los Angeles and they were discussing the spray paint business. His cousin introduced Rick to Neto then in turn, Rick set up a meeting with Tony Vegas. Today they are working side by side in the worlds first dueling artist spray paint kiosk and artist Neto is in Las Vegas living his dream.

Artist “Gypsy Phoenix”

Gypsy Phoenix is an artist in every aspect she can imagine. Her passion for experimentation has taken her on a journey through paint, film, performance, music and all avenues in between. There is no such thing as “can’t” in her vocabulary. A mere idea will transform into a life adventure without a destination. Her essence is change and art is her constant.

Multiple visions come together in the form of Gypsy Phoenix Art. The viewer may see a two dimensional art show, however her layers expose themselves constantly. Once a student of film, Alyssa’s life has transformed into a self-directed cinematic feature complete with characters of self and plot twists at regular intervals. Her art changes with her mood and the use of lines often fade into the emotions of the day. The only constant is the power of female strength, which she learned from her mother and perfected in a childhood home of male characters. As the set changed from Texas to California, a performance artist emerged through scenes of a west coast drama. Here, music re-enters her life in the form of a husband and his tours often leave her alone with a paint brush or a camera and ideas of grandeur. As she jumps from the stage to credits, her movie never really ends. It only changes genres.

Life in Las Vegas has brought her closer to home, family and friends which has worked as a catalyst to bring her closer to herself and her visions. Her documentary of life as an artist has come full circle.

Artist “Zero”

Hailing from Fresno, California, a young man arose with a passion towards his drawing portfolio into an emerging steadfast spray painting one.

With a swift lifestyle change from moving to Las Vegas and raising a young family, artist, “Zero” sought out from a close circle of artists who gave him his name and ran into what a growing city like Las Vegas had to offer. Upon his arrival, Zero found himself marveled with the accomplishments of legendary spray paint artist, Tony Vegas. Starting his training right away, his eye for art landed him the Art Stars position painting alongside fellow elite artists like himself.

Today, artist “Zero” spends his time with his family, works hard, and masters the creation of a newfound career in the spray painting arts which now can be viewed outdoors in The Park, of New York, NY. along the Las Vegas Strip.

Artist “Ness”

Artist Ness is all about exploring the world around him. Since discovering his interests in photography and photo emulsion back home in Florida, a true trailblazer sets sail to Las Vegas inspired and equipped with a multi-media pallet in hand.

When it comes to this artist, the first building blocks for Elliot “Ness” was to emerged into the photo emulsion process which encouraged a continuous journey of learning from elite artists who came across the landscapes of art like, D-Face, Crystal, Wagner, Bezt of Etam, and Tristan Eaton. During his painting career came about the idea of expanding his efforts into local community events including kid curations and large scale festivals such as the, “Life is Beautiful” music festival held each year in Las Vegas. Now living an artist’s dream with his wife and newborn son, Ness gets to work side by side with a spray painting business painting live on the Vegas Strip with Art Stars.

This artist comes full circle with his extensive portfolio continuing his work by taking on commissions work and expanding an interest towards graffiti writing styles and wall murals for fun. Keep an eye out for this rising star and his works of one of a kind art pieces.

Artist “Wolf”

From San Francisco’s east bay, Wolf is now a Las Vegas based artist with influences bred from underground music and street art movements. One of the perks of growing up roaming around big dirty cities, is that a simple walk down a random alley and you risk the chance of slipping on fresh paint and falling head first into the art community. Wolf is a casualty of just that. In his youth, witnessing artists performing in the streets and their work displayed across the concrete jungle had planted a seed that in his soul that has sprouted and continuously blossoms. He has now grown from sketchbooks and worked his way across city walls, into gallery’s and casinos, and creating a name for himself as a hungry up and comer in the art world.