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The History of Spray Paint Art

(Known as Aerosolgrafia)

Spray Paint Art originated from Mexico City in the early 1980’s by Ruben “Sadot” Fernandez. As a true artist he created this art medium as a way to express himself as a poet, intellectual, performer and artist. He began his foray as a spray paint artist by bringing it to the street during difficult financial times in Mexico in the 1980’s as a survival mechanism. He soon found that he was effortlessly creating exquisite figures, planets, images and landscapes on paper and canvass without the use of a brush to the delight of audiences memorized by his unique style.

He worked to music, ranging from classical to rock to pre-hispanic aztec beats. While he painted, he often shared his strong opinions and metaphysical observations on culture and politics with the crowd. Sabot unfortunately suffered an early death in 1988 in a tragic auto accident. His legend in Aerosolgrafia (also commonly known as Sabotgrafia as a tribute to the creator of the medium) lives on and is more popular today than it ever has been.